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Publication, November 2012. A5 litho offset print on 100gsm recycled stock, with abaca insert.
16 pages, hand-numbered edition of 300.


Alice Bradshaw / Cathrine Dahl / Eddy Dreadnought / Tim Etchells / Dan Fogarty / Dag-Arve Forbergskog / Chris Gibson / Lesley Guy / Lisa Murphy / Kim Noble / Jóhanna Ellen Ríkharðsdóttir / Mary Smith / Alice Thickett

In the Sherlock Holmes story The Red-Headed League, Jabez Wilson, a red-headed London businessman, is selected for a meaningless but well-paid clerical job by virtue of the redness of his hair. The job he is employed to carry out is to copy out pages of an Encyclopaedia, for which he is paid the sum of £4 per week. Suddenly, after several days, he arrives at work to find a note abruptly declaring that “The Red-Headed League is dissolved”. Sherlock Holmes later uncovers that the League was nothing more than a ruse to get Mr. Wilson out of the way so that a dishonest employee of his could dig a hole through to the bank vault next door to Wilson’s business premises.

This pamphlet contains artworks created by a “league” of thirteen artists who have been selected for the project because of the redness of their hair. In a critical and partial reenactment of the Sherlock Holmes story, each artist has been provided with one of the first thirteen images in the Encyclopaedia Britanica (Micropaedia Edition) as source material for their work.

Download a full curatorial statement here (pdf format).

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